ECMP 355 Summary of Learning



Technology in the Classroom Interview

  1. What form of technology do you find the most convenient or beneficial to include in the classroom?

The most convenient and beneficial forms of technology I use in my Grade One classroom is my smart board and I-Pads/I-Pods. I have a smart board in my classroom that allows me to access programs that are engaging and interactive for my students. It also allows me to displays visuals of worksheets we are currently working on so we can interact and work together.


  1. What is your favorite piece of technology to include into the classroom? Why?

My smart board and I-Pad are my favorite pieces of technology. I-Pads are very useful because you can provide each student with access to applications that meet their individual learning needs. I-Pads allow students to work independently on their own. Students also love working on I-Pads are both rewarding academically and behaviorally. Smart boards are fun, engaging, and allow students to be active in their learning.


  1. Do you try to include technology into your everyday routines?

Yes, I try to include technology into everyday routines. I use my smart board during morning activities, such as daily calendar. I also use it to manage my daily five reading groups, so students can check in and out of their centers. I also use laptops and I-Pads to access learning websites and apps, such as raz-kids and mathletics, to reinforce skills being taught in the classroom. I also use the laptop to allow students to research topics of inquiry, webquest, brainpop, and you tube.


  1. What are some of the setbacks you have faced when using technology?

Some of the setbacks faced with using technology in classroom is not having enough of the technology. Unfortunately, in order to have I-Pads and smartboards in our classroom and school, you as a staff, must fundraise in order to purchase them. Laptops are useful, but can be difficult for primary grades because students need to be able to log into the computer, therefore, typing in a username and password. Technology can also be a setback if it is not working. This can also cause disruptions in your classroom and can result in loss class time.


  1. How did you first begin to implement technology in your classroom?

I used laptops, when I first began to implement technology in the classroom. I used technology to implement a blog, which allowed my students to write and post about learnings that were taking place in class. I found this very time consuming and difficult as students required lots of support in doing this. However, technology is constantly changing and therefore becoming more student and teacher friendly.


  1. What have you found to be the most engaging and user friendly technology?

I have found I-Pads/I-Pods to be the most engaging and user friendly piece of technology. They allow students to be engaged in their learning, work independently, and are very motivating. I only wish I had a class set so everyone could access them at one time. However, this is not the case and therefore, students have to take turns.



  1. What initially got you interesting in creating a technology inclusive classroom?

I was interested in creating a technological inclusive classroom because it is engaging and motivating for both the students and me, the classroom teacher. Technology also allows for all students at all levels of diversity to be reached. I enjoy the fact, that student are involved in their learning and are able to find the information on their own. This allows students to become responsible for their learning, therefore, allowing teacher to facilitate and guide their learning. Technology also allows my students to be able to present their learning in various modes such as, posting a picture of their work, making a video, a digit portfolio, podcast, or a power point presentation. The most exciting aspect of technology is being able to collaborate with other students in different parts of the world. Also, technology is the way of the world and I want my students to be able to use and access them in their daily lives and careers.


  1. What is your student’s favorite way that you use and implement technology in the classroom?         My students love having the opportunity to use I-Pads. They find it easy to use, engaging and motivating. My students also enjoy using the laptops, as there are enough for all of them to use, to reinforce their learning by going to websites such as Raz-Kids, Mathletics, as well as other websites that offer learning based-games.


  1. Do you use technology for assessment purposes? How?

I have used technology for assessment purposes. I have videoed students explaining how they solve math questions, to read a story, or putting on a skit to explain the beginning, middle, and end of a story. I have also used sites that allow me assess my students reading, sight words, and math skills. I am looking forward to using Three Ring Portfolio app to also assess my students.


10. What are the most effective instructional/management techniques when using technology?

In my classroom, I model how to use the software or program to my students. I then provide my students with the opportunity to practice so in the future they can work independently on their own, such as a web quest or researching their favorite animal. This allows students to be directly involved in their learning rather than teacher directed. I think it is also important for students to understand how to access information. I not only believe in teaching them how to access information from the internet, but as well as the safety precautions that are needed when using the internet.


11.Are you currently finding more ways to incorporate technology into your teaching/ sharing learning?

Yes, I am constantly trying to learnmore, through professional development, university classes, blogs, Faccebook, pinterest, and collaborating with other teachers to find out more about apps and effective software in the classroom. I try to attend App Tuesday, which is offered at every week, to discuss and become familiar with effective apps used in the classroom.


12. Do you use technology to connect with parents? How?

Yes, I use technology to connect with my parents. I do this not only through emails, but I have a classroom facebook page that allows me to post information about what we have and are doing in our classroom. This allows parents to have daily access to what is happening in the class. I also post reminders and information that is not only happening in our classroom but in the school as well. This page allows parents to post comments and ask questions to the students and myself. I am also looking at using the app – three ring portfolio, which will also allow my students to connect with their parents. The students take photos of their work or accomplishments and post it to their portfolio. I am excited to try this app out.

Time Flies

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I cannot believe how fast this semester has gone.  It is bittersweet and I can’t decide whether I should be happy or sad that this chapter in my life is over.  These past four years of university have been amazing and I am thankful for the great friends I met along the way.  I look back to first year, and forward to now and I am so proud of the person and teacher I have become.  I have learned so much that I am excited to take with me into my future classroom!!  This class, in particular has made me realize all the fun things I can do using technology in my classroom and how big technology is becoming in our world. Not only can I incorporate new and engaging idea’s into my lesson plans, but I have also realized how I will be able to connect with other teachers and experts to keep me learning and growing as a teacher.  I am excited to get started in this journey coming ahead of me and am proud to say that I am graduating from the Faculty of Education!

Reminder of Why I Chose This Career Path

I have been working as an Education Assistant throughout this last semester for Regina Public and today I was working at the school I interned at.  I have gone to visit many times prior, but today was another reminder of why I want chose teaching as a career path and how rewarding it can be.  As soon as my grade one’s saw me in the hall way I had 28 little ones swarming around me calling my name in excitement.  It feels very rewarding to know how much you mean to your students and even though I have gone to visit many times before, they still acted like they haven’t seen me in the longest time!  After school as I was headed for home, a few of my grade one’s along with their parents saw me and again they got so excited to see me and gave me huge hugs.  Talking with the parents and other staff about how much the children miss me made me realize that these are the moments that I love about what I am about to do.  I love knowing that I can make a difference in a child’s day and without knowing, being someone they care deeply about!  The secretary at the end of the day saw how the children responded to me and told me I will be an amazing teacher and she hopes I can work in their school one day. This truly meant a lot and made me realize how I know I have gone into the right field.

Crazy Time of The Year

I feel like I have not stopped since Feb. break!  I feel so busy and that I always have something on the go whether it be school, work, applying for jobs, or doing homework!  I am feeling anxious because most of my assignments are due at the end of March so I am trying to get a head start on everything and get things done!  It is crazy to think a month from now I will be done university!!  It is bittersweet!  I am excited for what the near future holds but also am anxious because it feels like my work load is never ending!

Is anyone else feeling super anxious lately?  Am I the only one stressed with getting school work done as well as focus on my future plans?!